minnesota jcc | culture of safety

The Minnesota JCC strives to create and constantly enhance, a Culture of Safety. We look at safety through many lenses including:

  • Health and Prevention of Illness
  • Security and Prevention of External Threats
  • Protection and Prevention of Inappropriate Conduct

A Culture of Safety ensures policies, practices and people are all focused on a singular goal of providing experiences that feel safe, are safe, and stay safe. The idea of a Culture of Safety exists when everyone feels comfortable to ‘raise their hand’ when they feel something isn’t right or doesn’t seem safe. This hand-raising is met with the appropriate level of concern and response by the Minnesota JCC.

The Culture of Safety approach means everyone feels an ownership and ability in making good choices to make safety a priority for everyone. This also means bringing in outside experts to help shape our policies and practices as well as train our staff to the high standards you expect.

Our high standards and clear expectations include guide policies and practices and processes, helping us to identify high-risk interactions and program characteristics. Our goal remains steadfast – to create and constantly enhance a Culture of Safety.

If you have a concern regarding inappropriate behavior and would like to make an anonymous report, please call our tip-line at 866.607.7233.



CLOSURE UPDATE: Sunday, July 14, 2024. Due to a power outage, the SABES CENTER MINNEAPOLIS is currently CLOSED. We apologize for the inconvenience and will post updates here.