security and prevention of external threats

Ensuring that our JCC is a both a welcoming and safe destination for all has been, and continues to be, a priority. We work diligently on security measures, developing a series of procedures and actionable measures that allow us to respond effectively to a variety of emergency and safety threats. We solicit the support of professionals who specialize in facility/community security and oversee staff trainings and drills.

We are in ongoing communication with the Jewish Community Relations Council, the local police department, as well as law enforcement and emergency response agencies at both the local and federal level.

Safety and Security for the Minnesota JCC is led by Seth Ozer, our Facilities Director and Safety Officer. Seth is an active member of the Metropolitan Emergency Managers Association, the St Paul Emergency Management Council, and numerous other information sharing organizations. He holds a seat on several advisory groups focused on sharing information and analysis to help faith-based organizations with their resiliency across the nation. He is a certified threat liaison officer with the MN Fusion Center, and collaborates regularly with the JCRC, Police Departments, Fire Departments, DHS, FBI, OBP, and other public-sector agencies. The City of St Paul selected Seth to attend the National Homeland Security Conference held in Phoenix in 2019 to highlight his work and partnership with the city.

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