event sponsorship

At the Minnesota JCC, we believe that our Special Events are more than just occasions to raise support and awareness. They are moments of unity, celebration, and progress towards a brighter future. Here, we come together as a community to celebrate our successes and set the stage for lasting impact.

Why Special Event Sponsorship Matters:
For Companies, Organizations, and Individual Donors alike, Event Sponsorship presents an incredible opportunity to align with our mission, uplift the beneficiaries of our programs, and strengthen the bonds within the community we proudly serve together.

Community Unity: Our Special Events serve as a rallying point for our community, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared purpose.

Celebrating Success: Each event is a celebration of the milestones and accomplishments that drive us forward in our mission to create positive change.

Lasting Impact: Your sponsorship directly contributes to programs and initiatives that leave a lasting imprint on the lives of those we support.

Visibility and Recognition: As a sponsor, your generosity is prominently acknowledged at our events, enhancing your brand’s visibility within our vibrant community.

Networking Opportunities: Special events provide an ideal setting to connect with like-minded sponsors, community leaders, and potential collaborators, expanding your network and influence.




To learn more about Sponsorship opportunities, please contact Sara Greenberg, Annual Campaigns Manager
sarag@minnesotajcc.org | 651.255.4737