summer camp jobs

In only 10 weeks, you will earn over $5000 and can take advantage of thousands of dollars in bonuses! Sign your contract before February 28 and earn an extra $200! Plus, bring your friends – get $300 for every friend you bring! Apply today!

Best Job Ever!

Working at Camp has everything a young adult would want from a summer job – skill building, leadership, training and enrichment opportunities, plus friendship and comradery!

Working at summer camp is awesome! You get to…

Enjoy Nature
We spend most of our time outside. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by nature and beautiful spaces.

Help Children Grow
We get to help our campers become better people! Make an impact so we all benefit from a brighter, nicer future.

Build Leadership Skills
You get the chance to grow as a leader and develop your interpersonal skills Work with mentoring senior staff, awesome fellow staff members and amazing children

Get Paid to Go to Camp
Summer camp is a fun, formative experience for so many, and now is your chance to not only be at camp but be paid to be there.

Added Benefits
If all those reasons aren’t enough, we also offer a free gym membership to all our staff, and once the camp day is done, you’re free to explore the Twin Cities and take in all the great experiences it offers, go out with friends or take a nap… The rest of the day is all yours!


Interested in working at Camp Olami, Camp Butwin or Summer Quest?
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