Minnesota JCC
Virtual Inclusion

The Calvin & Beverly Calmenson
Inclusion Department

For more information, please contact inclusion@minnesotajcc.org.

Follow along as we start seeds for our 2020 garden and tend to the plants as they grow!

Have you always wanted to visit a famous museum or park but haven’t had the chance? Tour these places from the comfort of your home!

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Certified Metro Mobility customers can now order groceries and household essentials online from a store that has online shopping and local pick up. Metro Mobility will pick your order up and deliver to for to your house with NO delivery fee.

You can book same day or in advance, for groceries and household essentials, just like you book a ride for yourself. You’ll receive your delivery within 60 minutes of the scheduled pickup time. Please book rides with your provider. For questions about the service, contact the Metro Mobility Service Center at:
Call 651 + 602 1111
TTY 651 + 221 9886