The Jewish Artists’ Laboratory:
A Retrospective

AUGUST 29 – OCTOBER 23, 2022

Minnesota JCC Sabes Center Minneapolis
Tychman Shapiro Gallery*

A culmination of 10 years of The Jewish Artists’ Laboratory, this retrospective exhibit features the work of more than 40 artists that have studied together and made art with the Minnesota JCC over the past decade. The Jewish Artists’ Laboratory brings together a diverse range of artists to explore the relationship between Jewish thought and creativity.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Aarah Aizman, Susan Armington, Robyn Awend, Carolyn Light Bell, Joel Carter, Jaymee Chanen, Gloria Cooper, Suzanne Fenton, Bev Fishman, Toni Glotter (fka Dachis), Leah (Lynn) Golberstein, Jonathan Gross, Renanah (Rani) Halpern, David Jordan Harris, Bonnie Heller, Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin, Sylvia Horwitz, Jay H. Isenberg, Sheri R. Klein, Avigail Manneberg, Ilene Krug Mojsilov, Lynda Monick-Isenberg, Alison Morse, Gayle Novick, Aimee Orkin, Dina O’Sullivan, Diane Pecoraro, Paula Leiter Pergament, Kris Prince, Phil Rosenbloom, Sarah Routman, Bonnie Rubenstein, David A. Sherman, Aaron Hodge Greenberg Silver, Dianne Silverman, Judy Snitzer, Roslye Ultan, Susan Weinberg, Rochelle Woldorsky, Liba Zweigbaum Herman, Sharon Zweigbaum

Exhibit Reception

September 15 • Sabes Center Minneapolis • 6 – 8 PM

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The Minnesota JCCs are the home for many wonderful art exhibitions featuring local, national and international artists. The Tychman Shapiro Gallery at the Sabes Center Minneapolis and the newly renovated Herman J. Birnberg Fine Art Gallery at the Capp Center St. Paul, are premier destinations for Jewish arts and culture.