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When An Idea Meets: Sisterhood & Creativity

July 7, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - July 9, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

Residency with Anat Szendro Sevilla

When does your creativity fourish? What is the power of a supportive group dynamic? How can you move forward with your artistic ideas?

Long ago, women lived as a community, sharing their joys and challenges on a daily basis. The past year we have been sharing our lives mainly through online platforms, separated from each other.

The goal of this three-days retreat is to explore the power of sisterhood and its impact on your creativity! We will use hands on techniques for brainstorming idea and solutions, working through creative blocks, seeding self-empowerment, igniting inspiration and art making.

Creatives of all kinds are welcome.

Day 1: Bring Your Own Idea
How can we bypass a creative block? What is the role of fear when it comes to creativity? How can we overcome it? Should we overcome it? What is the role of a supportive group in the process? We will learn methods to unblock creativity, this will be done by bringing a creative idea you have to the table. What resources (inner and outer) do you need in order to achieve your goals?

Day 2: Authenticity vs Originality, Inspiration vs Motivation
How are they different from each other? How can we enhance them? We will explore what sparks your inspiration and work hands on with some inspiring techniques.

Day 3: Visual Road Map
The power of rerouting when reality changes: setting up realistic goals, direction vs intention. What am I going to do next in my creative process? How can my surrounding support it?

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