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Want to spend time at the JCC this summer?
Perhaps your child would like to spend time at our newly renovated, beautiful JCC, located in the Highland Park neighborhood! Our one-week camps at the Capp Center St. Paul, offer a wide range of experiences focused on developing new skills, making friends and having fun!

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For more information, contact Allie Greenstein at allieg@minnesotajcc.org or 612.723.6891

Week 1

June 13-17

Who’s ready to soak up some fun? Grab your swimsuit and get ready to swim into summer. We’ll beat the heat with bucket loads of H20 activities. Water balloon launch pads, leaky cup relays and a super long slip n’ slide will keep campers cool this week!

Week 2

June 20-24

In this awesome camp students explore the world of their favorite superheroes. Students will learn about forces, energy, gravity and problem solving, as they build models inspired by Superman, Batman and all their favorite heroes. Experimentation and fun are crucial components of this ‘super’ camp!

ALL BALL (Grades K-7)
Balls, Balls and more balls! In this camp we will play games, create art projects and snacks, that all have to do with balls! We will play your traditional sports like basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, & golf and traditional playground sports of kickball, foursquare, whiffle ball and gaga ball! We will try out a few sports that are not so traditional such as Bocce Ball, and cricket to name a few! Continuing our theme of “Ball”, we will even throw in some Ballroom Dancing and juggling! Come join us – we are all sure to have a Ball!

Week 3

June 27-July 1

We’ve got good news! Your child now has a way to learn science, technology and engineering skills by playing a game – Minecraft®! Snapology’s EPIC Minecraft® camp will introduce your learner to exciting and challenging aspects of Minecraft they may not have considered, including turning themselves into a Minecraft® character, solving common game problems and making mob petting zoos and mazes around the Minecraft® world.

Who wants to spend their week in friendly competition and wonderful daily challenges at our Summer Survivor camp? Campers will face team and individual challenges, both active and mental in nature. Trophies, points and prizes are available throughout the many wacky challenges that will make up this action-packed week.

Week 4

July 5-8

WHAT A DAY! (Grades K-7)
Each day is a surprise adventure! We might have Messy Monday, with science and art activities that won’t keep us very clean, or have Totally Odd Tuesday! Wednesday might be Wacky Science, with crazy concoctions and strange science – or just plain wacky! Who knows what Pick a Theme Thursday will bring? You’ll get to vote! Round out the week with Food Friday, playing with our food in imaginative ways – maybe something even freakier!

Week 5

July 11-15

SAY “YES” TO THE MESS (Grades K-7)
This is the quintessential camp – a literal hodgepodge of activities and mediums that include crayons, soda and vinegar, paint, duct tape – the sky’s the limit. We’ll use all the good crafty and messy verbs to inspire – blending, moving, molding, drawing, pasting and giggling. FUN!

Week 6

July 18-22

*K-9 CONNECTIONS (Grades K-7)
Get ready for an awesome week working, learning and playing with dogs! Our partners at Canine Inspired Change, will bring their therapy dogs to the JCC, where we will do agility and dog training, teach the dogs to do puzzles and learn dog inspired meditation. Canine Inspired Change believes in the power of love over hate, and through their dogs we access the power of love.

EveryBODY is welcome at our Athlete Academy. This camp features the basics of sports, including everything from flag football to soccer. We’ll have a variety of games and drills that will help each child build confidence through teamwork, sportsmanship and scrimmages. The emphasis will be on FUN and FUNdamentals. With our high energy and experienced coaches, campers will leave the Athlete Academy feeling confident and able!

Week 7

July 25-29

We spend this camp celebrating everything that is summer! We’ll paint a summer sunset, create tropical works of art and more; we’ll even make a beach scene out of real candy! Campers will be introduced to many mediums of art and will learn about Minnesota summers in the process. Join us in this artistic celebration of summer!

Campers in Motion campers will receive detailed instruction and opportunities for playful competition in a variety of activities. Camp will focus on the importance of movement for a healthy lifestyle. Our days will include plenty of movement, gamification and utilizing healthy social and emotional skills. We’ll delve into how the world’s best leaders and athletes utilize their mind and body to impact the world around them. Campers will leave camp a healthier version of themselves!

Week 8

August 1-5

In this problem-solving camp, students will learn how to construct a remote controlled robot to perform tasks in a simulated disaster. From clearing roads of debris to moving a tree off a house, students will learn techniques like those used by engineers and scientists in the development of real-life disaster relief robots. No prior robotics experience is required for this camp.

Are you looking for a camp that will have your children ready to learn and participate in some fun outdoor and indoor activities? Then look no further! X-treme Fun Camp is where they need to be. Kids will participate in enrichment activities such as science projects, math bingo and other fun ways of bringing education to the summer. Campers will play classic games that get their bodies moving like Ships Across the Ocean and Floor is Lava! The week will be X-TREMELY fun for all ages!

Week 9

August 8-12

Campers will work together to transform their camp headquarters into an immersive art exhibit. The project will take all week as campers design, build and decorate their very own scene. Imagine entering a whole new world that your child created including the ceiling, floor, sights and sounds of a completely different era.

PLAY ALL DAY (Grades K-7)
Need to get your child’s energy out? This is the camp for you! From science projects to nature exploration, campers will learn in the form of play. Campers will get to play games, complete projects and get their sillies out in this camp that is sure to keep them energized and excited throughout the week.

Week 10

August 15-19

Each day is a unique, hands-on cooking experience. Campers will be exploring new cuisines, learning about farm to table,  current food trends and kitchen safety each day at camp. Camp will culminate in campers learning how to shop for, prepare and EAT a family meal. Bon Appetit!

SOCCER CAMP (Grades K-7)
Elevate your skills to a new level! From small-sided games to fun contests, our coaches will proactively challenge campers to exceed their potential through drills focused on offensive and defensive skills, dribbling, shooting, passing and team development. Players are placed in age-appropriate groups to ensure relevant and optimal training activities.

Week 11

AUGUST 22-26

Come along with us as we get shipwrecked on an imaginary island for a week! We will start the week off on our imaginary island and discuss how we will survive for the week! We will build a shelter from cardboard and newspapers, and send a message in a bottle! After we get set up on our island, the fun begins with treasure hunts, wacky island games, a pirate and mermaid competition, island relay games and so much more! We will learn about different animals that live on the island and how to read a map. Our week will end by making a boat and sailing safely home!

Week 12

August 29-September 2

Back by popular demand – with a NEW 2021 twist, is our ultimate survivor experience, JCC style! This year there will be new twists and turns at every corner imaginable. Campers will be challenged to compete in character building mental and physical competitions, outdoor exploration, cooperative games, agility courses, individual contests and so much more. We will work in teams each day to earn points and work on leadership skills, as we help build the leaders of tomorrow!

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Half-Day: Non-Member Price $308.75/week  |  JCC Member Price $243.75/week
Full-Day: Non-Member Price $475/week  |  JCC Member Price $375/week

Half-Day: Non-Member Price $333.13/week  |  JCC Member Price $268.13/week
Full-Day: Non-Member Price $512.50/week  |  JCC Member Price $412.50/week

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For more information, contact Allie Greenstein at allieg@minnesotajcc.org or 612.723.6891